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The firm has been in existence in Salzburg since 1960, when it was established by Erich Meusburger before continuing under the leadership of Johannes Honsig-Erlenburg. In 2000 it merged with the law firm of Meinrad Küenburg, which specialized in German and Austrian business law, and HONSIG & KÜENBURG was born.


Independence is decisive. Although we have excellent national and international contacts we have deliberately chosen not to join a supra-regional or international firm and are, therefore, able to guarantee that your affairs are dealt with in a way that is independent in every respect and confidential to the greatest possible extent.


Quality is decisive. HONSIG & KÜENBURG pursues your interests with the highest possible personal commitment. If the know-how of HONSIG & KÜENBURG does not warrant the best possible advice, we will also consult external advisors. Our constant cooperation with highly specialized experts from the worlds of commerce, law, academia and public administration has proved most effective for the benefit of HONSIG & KÜENBURG's clients.


HONSIG & KÜENBURG offers its Austrian and international clients a wide range of consultancy services in all fields of private and public business law. Apart from renowned Austrian and foreign, in particular German, enterprises our clients include public-law corporations, cultural institutions, banks and insurance companies, as well as private foundations, large family enterprises and private individuals.


Supervisory boards, boards of trustees, trustees

Apart from their legal practice, the partners of HONSIG & KÜENBURG also hold different offices, as members of the boards of trustees of private foundations and associations, as managing directors in investment or holding companies or as members of advisory boards as well as through membership of important national and international professional associations and networks. The partners of HONSIG & KÜENBURG take on offices as managing directors or supervisory board members of companies; they act as trustees in the consummation of contracts, in particular real estate purchase contracts. The partners of the firm are members of the Treuhandrevision [trustee audit committee] of the Salzburg Bar Association. Trusteeships are insured for a total of EUR 7.2 million.

Establishing contacts

The firm of HONSIG & KÜENBURG has excellent contacts with both important decision-makers in the private sector of the economy and public-law institutions and public authorities, cultural institutions and other professionals, such as notaries, accountants and tax advisors. We have access to a large international network of partner law firms all over the world, and also in this respect personal contact is maintained through regular meetings and mutual exchanges of legal experience. Needless to say, HONSIG & KÜENBURG's contacts are also available to our clients: we establish contacts and/or recommend the right contact person.

Representation in court and before public authorities

 HONSIG & KÜENBURG is able to represent you before all courts and authorities in Austria, including the Supreme Constitutional Court [Verfassungsgerichtshof] and the Supreme Administrative Court [Verwaltungsgerichtshof]. In addition, one of our partners is also admitted as Rechtsanwalt [attorney-at-law] in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Electronic communication

Online Services

HONSIG & KÜENBURG possesses a modern office infrastructure. On-line access to and inspection of the Land Register, Business Register (formerly: Commercial Register) and the nationwide Enforcement Register of the courts, access to legal databases and on-line libraries, Finanz-Online and Web ERV [electronic communication with the courts] are, of course, standard. Applications to the Land Register or Business Register and in Germany to the Commercial Register are promptly transmitted to the courts electronically; deeds and documents bearing a digital signature are kept safe in the on-line register.

HONSIG & KÜENBURG also possesses a most efficient computer-aided collection department: default actions are brought and applications for enforcement are filed on-line, directly with the courts, and this leads to must faster processing of dunning and collection matters.

Kanzlei Honsig-Küenburg Wirtschaftskanzlei, Salzburg


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